Our focus at Olivia's Garden has always been to grow top quality produce without the use of chemical pesticides. Instead we strive to nurture a healthy and diverse self-contained ecosystem in our state-of-the-art greenhouses.

We use a highly effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management- raising host plants for beneficial insects and pollinators, some of which are reared in- house and some we bring in on a regular basis. In addition, we have full control over all environmental aspects of our greenhouse, resulting in premium produce. Our greens are never bitter, our tomatoes are always ripened on the vine, and our basil is clean and ready to use.

Every morning, we monitor and harvest only those items that are at their peak, and we deliver locally the same day. That way our clients are assured they are getting the very freshest produce. We work on developing personal relationships with all our clients, encouraging visits to the greenhouse, and maintaining an ongoing dialog about what it is ready to be harvested, so that menus can be planned accordingly. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to grow custom special orders for our clients.